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Mental Health

Stacy's Signature System

As a Health and Transformational Coach, I provide an additional layer to the professional team by ensuring carryover with the plan of care while also adding my own system, support and accountability.

When experiencing an acute episode of mental illness, stabilization and self-care become the number one priority; but how do you get there from here? If you have recently been discharged from an inpatient stay or feel your triggers may be adding up, My 7 week Jumpstart Program, Thrive with Mental Illness, Yes You Can! will provide a safe pathway to reintegrating back into your daily routine. In 7 private one on one Coaching Sessions:

Thrive With Mental Illness, Yes You Can!

  • You will create a support network that will hold you accountable and provide support when moving in and out of recovery.

  • Discover a new framework for managing medications and tracking your symptoms so you have the confidence to discuss any changes with your psychiatrist or prescribing physician.

  • Develop a daily routine that includes making follow-up appointments and self-care a priority.

If you are committed to remaining fully engaged in life, both personally and professionally. Book you free consultation today or call (603) 479-6746.